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Before starting, you must know that a mural, a trompe l'oeil or a decorative painting can be painted on just about any material (plaster, concrete, wood, glass, metal etc…) The surface can go from very large (façades of buildings) to small (a wall in a residential interior)

Let us see the important steps for murals, trompe l’oeil and decorative paintings:

First, determine as precisely as possible your project
- Define the theme(s) of your project.
- Define as precisely as possible the location, the site.(a photo sent by e-mail or postal mail is very useful). ·
- Define the type of material (plaster, concrete, wood, metal, glass etc…)

Secondly, I make a model of the project of the mural, trompe l'oeil or decorative painting
This model, a coloured drawing/sketching, will give you a precise idea of what it will look like. If you send photos, the model can be integrated into them using computer image design. This second step also enables us to exchange ideas so you get exactly what you want. A cost estimate will be sent along with the model either by e-mail or by postal mail

Conditions for realization:
- The surface to be painted on has to be in good shape, prepared and with scaffolding (if necessary).
- A fee will be charged for the model-a coloured drawing/sketching. This fee is deductible from the final invoice.

The method of payment is as follows :
30% down payment at the order.
30% while on the job.
The balance to be paid when the mural, trompe l’oeil or decorative painting is finished.
Expenses : roundtrip + lodging at your charge.

Last step (but not the least) get the Champagne ready for the inauguration !

Info about the paintings: Part of the paintings, drawings, sketchings are on sale. For info (size, techniques used, delivery, price) go to contact

Besides, it is possible to order your own paintings on canvas, drawings, sketchings as well as portraits from photos like the ones shown on this website.
In addition, I also work using the new technologies, virtual drawing, digital image and I can fit into architectural projects, web sites, models etc…

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