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Olivier Roman, painter, sketcher, drawer, mural, trompe l'oeil, decorative painting
I was born in Metz, France…too many years ago. It is at the Fine Arts school that I discovered and learned to love painting and drawing. Influenced by the quattrocento and the Symbolists, adoring the fantastic, I tried, at the beginning, to conciliate these genres.

Later on, I was swallowed by the sweaping craziness of the hyperrealists with its debauchery of airbrush painting.
At that time, while I was working for several advertising agencies, a trend was embellishing our old and new city walls with murals, trompe l’oeil and decorative paintings … I was eager to be part of it. My first interior and exterior murals were painted for businesses, corporate facilities, restaurants. Then, I tackled on more substantial work; a 100 m2 trompe l’oeil on waterproof fabric to cover up a construction site in South of France. ; a monumental gate, trompe l'oeil painted on wood surfaces with special paint effect of metal and stone; the creation and realisation of decorative paintings on exhibition stands for international trade fairs; in Guadeloupe, I painted a mural for the Holiday-Inn of Point-à-Pitre… I even painted on a floating island among many other realisations.

Recently, and that is the cherry on my professional cake, I finished murals “en” trompe l’oeil for a 17th Century French castle, listed historical monument. The chateau de Gaujac is located in South of France in the department of Gard. I decorated the main staircase with statues “en” trompe l’oeil dressed in costumes from the 17th century to beginning 20th. The illusion is all the more realistic because I had to integrate one sculpted arm into some of the statues “en” trompe l’oeil. .

Parallel to painting murals and trompe l’oeil, well, I do many other things : I draw in a comic strip called Harry Dickson (an American Sherlock Holmes in London) nine albums to date; I realize “communication” comic strips for banks, companies like general motors, institutions etc…;I paint portraits from photos and last but not least, I use the fantastic new medium of computer image design. (L 3jpg book cd 2) (models for projects, coloring, virtual drawing etc…)

Presently, I am working on new projects. I will inform you as soon as they are finished.

Thank you for your visit.
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